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The Alice Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a super busy year for Hericane Alice so far but first, welcome to our newly updated site and thank you to all the people far and wide, that have subscribed. We are trying to make an effort to keep in touch and let you know about all the happenings, as The Alice strives to release it’s first record and videos in 30 years!

That’s right we’ve got the new record in the can, and we’re hard at work on producing videos one of which has been completed.

I’ve been thinking lately about all the changes that have happened since the first record: the advent of computers for one, the destruction thereof of the record business for two, and the ability of artists to DIY (Do It Yourself), just to name a few.

It’s hard to believe, and for the younger of you it may be impossible to conceive but, 30 years ago only the wealthy had cell phones and no one really had a computer, except for in academia. Were you to time travel to now from then, you would be stunned at the power unleashed at our fingertips. My life’s ambitions for instance, of owning a recording studio, or the ability to shoot and edit my own films, were merely aberrations even 20 years ago. Now everyone has both of these things for free, and entirely on a computer you can hold in your hand. It’s truly amazing.

It’s a trick of the Gods to bless us with these tools, while at the same time making the rewards for your creative work become less achievable. I speak now about music and content being free to everyone. It’s common knowledge that people don’t buy music anymore, which means there really isn’t a business of creating and selling music. Sure you might buy your favorite artist’s record, hopefully you’ll buy the forthcoming Alice album, but you will do so more as a donation, because you can listen to it in many places for free.

I was chided online somewhere by Ricky Rocket (Poison) for releasing a film about a Hericane Alice Reunion for free on Youtube. Youtube now owns and distributes it and makes advertising dollars from it. He made a valid point: why should you go to all this trouble and time to create this work, and then give it away?

It’s a dilemma for creative artists everywhere in all mediums; how do I receive value for the things I produce? Thankfully, the fact that creative people are not rewarded, as they should be, has not put them off. Artists are still driven to imagine and make those products of their minds a reality.

Sorry to get so philosophical here, but these are the thoughts, as we prepare to release this new work and, we really hope you enjoy it. The new work contains a little social commentary, and a lot of fun mixed with our high-powered rock delivery. We are dedicated to put them out before summer! More news on the when and where will be found here.

Thanks for reading and keep in touch.

Uncle Alice

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