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Greetings From The Ghost Town. . .

Greeting from the Ghost Town. . .

Hey, we’ve been on Hiatus and not really paying attention to the Rock N Roll business. . .That is, Until recently!

The Alice is coming to a town near you this summer and even if you live in the EU!

Of course, we can’t go everywhere but we’re trying!

Here’s how the whole come back and rock thing happened.

So, just sitting around the shack when I’m contacted by the guys from the Backen Festival in the EU saying they love the recent exposure the band has and, “Would you guys be interested in coming to Germany”?. Well, of course, the answer is not yes, but “Hell Yes”!

Long story short we pulled The Alice out of the hangar blew off the dust and we’re taxing out to the runway and looking forward to hitting the jets!

More to come thanks for keeping tuned and stay tuned for more updates and actual shows!

See you soon I hope!


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