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From My Desk to Your Desk,

Hi Everyone! It won’t be long now, and summer will be in full swing replete with long motorcycle rides and late-night celebrations. We are so excited for the upcoming summer, full of Hericane Alice Concerts that are shaping up. It’s like planning a fun vacation that just kept getting longer and longer, as we’re about to add several more cities to our stops. Please keep your eye out for “The Alice” coming to a theater near you!

It’s about 8 weeks till the summer starts for us and we’ve been hard at work preparing for the coming season. Who knew there would be so many things to do after you get done writing and recording!

Just a reminder on that note: We are releasing our new record on Vinyl on May 9th at The Amsterdam in downtown St Paul, MN, which will include an exclusive track not found elsewhere. It will also be available at our website:

Downtown St Paul, MN was one of the first hot spots for the band and we can’t wait to have a reunion with all of the Ryan’s Corner Rockers and all of our East Side friends and family. St Paul we’re looking to reconnect with you so come out and party with us, say hi to all your old friends and let’s make this a reunion.

We also have plans for you to be able to access the new material via your favorite streaming or download service and after our latest Face Book pole to our fans it seems a lot of people would still enjoy a CD so we’re contemplating manufacture of that as well.

In the coming months we will have a bunch of sneak peaks of videos and snippets of songs to encourage you to pre-order to help our initial sales figures. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated so please help and thanks to all of you for your support, it means so much to us. We know that everyone can get their music for free nowadays but let’s all support your favorite artists by purchasing their records or merchandise directly. You really can enable artists to continue to create. We sincerely thank all of you for your chiming in and supporting us you all are the reason we do this.

Meanwhile, we’re hard at work editing the Video for another new song: “Sex Drive” and our version of “Highway Star” the old Deep Purple cut that’s been a staple of our live set since forever. We’re also in planning for a really fun video to accompany the track entitled “The Women Will Eventually Rule” which we hope will be a lot of fun.

Keep on Rockin and Save Up your Party For “When The Alice Comes To Town”!

See you on the Sunny side of life!

Uncle Alice

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